Rs. 600 crore property left by Congress leader for domestic help

2:59 PM, Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Vinubhai Kanjibhai JaipalRajkot:  A domestic help who has been left property worth Rs. 600 crore by a Congress leader was allegedly kidnapped by his family in Gujarat.
Vinubhai Kanjibhai Jaipal had worked at Congress leader Gajraj Singh Jadeja’s house in Rajkot for 40 years. Mr Jadeja, who was not married, died in September and left the property to Vinubhai in his will, which was recently discovered.

The Congress leader’s property includes land worth crores, a house, cash and other assets. Vinubhai found out about this only after Mr Jadeja’s death.

Vinubhai said he never imagined that he would suddenly turn into a billionaire. “Mr Gajraj Singh has left huge property for me, I have not surveyed the entire property,” he said.

Mr Jadeja did not have any heir but he wanted the family of his domestic help to prosper. He got Vinubhai married and even funded his children’s education and when they grew up he sent them to England for further studies.

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