Sadhana convention : CM blames opposition, instead of counting his blessings.

10:14 PM, Friday, June 25th, 2010

Sushma Swaraj BJP national leader inaugrated Sadhana Samavesha

Sushma Swaraj BJP national leader inaugrated Sadhana Samavesha

25.06.10 Bangalore : On Friday, BJP arranged a people’s rally at the palace grounds called ‘Sadhana Samavesha’ (achievements convention), addressed by CM Yeddyyurappa who broke down in tears, saying “why are the opposition parties criticizing each and every act of ruling BJP, and why this punishment to me and for what fault? he asked publicly. The opposing parties were invited to the Sadhana Samavesha today, but they did not come. They tell lies ten times to pass it off as truth unnecessarily criticizing the govt on whatever it does. Why are they punishing me thus, he cried.

He asked for 3 more years to serve better without upsetting the people’s confidence in us, he told the opposition parties. This was not a platform to exhibit our intelligence, only to show our loyalty to the people who elected us, he added. The opposition parties did not co-operate with GIM, nor they came. When asked to accompany in an all party delegation taken to Delhi.

When the local leaders keep taunting, CM asked in the rally. Every time  when I am criticised, I feel very unhappy, I cannot sleep often when I am alone at night, the CM said in grief. Throughout his speech, Yeddyurappa took the opposition party leaders only to task for their non-cooperation, says a report.

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