Sagar Ratna presents North Indian Navaratri Thali for nine days

4:06 PM, Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Sagar-RatnaMangalore: Nagarajan Udupi, vice president of Ocean Pearl said that the people of Kudla are put in the festive mode during this Navaratri with the Special Navaratri Thali at ‘Sagar Ratna’ of Hotel Ocean Pearl on the nine days from September 28, Wednesday.

He said that Navaratri festival or nine nights festival becomes ten days festival with the addition of the last day, Vijayadashami which is its culmination. On all these days, a special fast is observed during the nine days. The fasting in practice is nothing but consumption of food that are considered to be ‘Satvik’ or slightly bland, which does not incite the senses as per the religious texts.

Specific ingredients and vegetables are used for preparing delicious recipes. For the North Indian ‘vrat’, they take fruits and milk all day. They also take potato curry cooked with simple ingredients, which are accompaniments for Puris. Here the ‘Kuttu’ is used instead of Whole wheat. Sabutdana is also an important item of a vrat. Over the years, extremely scrumptious cuisine ‘Navaratri special’ has evolved owing to these festive restrictions.

He also said that, the restaurant offers the Navaratri Thali, a delectable combination of mouthwatering dishes on all the nine days of the festival. Twelve items of vegetarian delicacies that conform to the needs of Navaratri diet are prepared with care and tastefully presented to satisfy the religious as well as gastronomic cravings of our customers.

The restaurant offers dishes like Ghee Mung Dal, Mewa Aloo ki Sabzi, Sitafal ki sabzi, Vrat Aloo, Suke Arbi, Nauratan Korma, Kele Ki Kofta, Sabutdana Khichidi, Urad Dal Laddu Kuttu Ki Puri, Sabutdana Kheer along with Fruit Lassi and Fruit Salad for Rs 130 per thali, he said.

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