Sand Mafia in merry dance at Talpady border.

7:53 PM, Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Mangalore : DK DC V. Ponnuraj may have banned sand mining and its transport to Kerala, but the sand Mafia is making merry at Talpady borders with Kerala, as if they (members) need no permit or quota for sand. Their sand – laden Lorries are taking a curios turn at Devipura lane to Toominadu highway in Kerala.
As a result, the Toominadu inroads have been devastated by heavy traffic, and several families having their houses in the by lane are unable to come out their homes to the street out of fear and embarrassment created by the sand dealers. During daytime, only a few Lorries pass through the narrow lane, but as night fells heavy goods carriers line up in this one-way street to their destinations. One lorry had hit a compound wall on way exposing the front yard of a house.
If any objection is raised by locals, there are goondas in the sand truck to look after them. A sand contractor Ashfaque is behind the lorry transportation business in sand.
A lorry had hit an elective lamp post at night the other day, depriving people in the locality of power for 2 nights. A public Seva Samithi (service / action committee) has been formed and people have written to the Kerala CM on the unlawful trips being made by heavy Lorries in the lanes of Devipura from Talapady. Action is expected to be taken against sand transporters for damaging the narrow roads in Monsoon.

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