Satyajit slighted by Saibaba Central Trust and Andhra Court

11:58 AM, Thursday, April 28th, 2011

satyajit saiPuttaparthi: Late Satya Sai Baba’s trusted follower of 15 years, Yatish Salian alias Satyajit has been sidelined by the 8 members Central Trust that manages Baba’s 40 to 50 thousand crores worth of assets, soon after Baba was consigned to the earth in a ceremony at Kulwant Hall in Puttaparthi at the same place where Baba gave his religious discourses and sang songs. The Trustees have stated as much about keeping Satyajit out of the Trust in a Press meet on Thursday. The Trust is headed by Justice     P.N Bhagavathi and includes Ratnakar, who conducted the funeral rites of Baba, whose, whose younger brother’s son he is.
The Trustees have declared that Satyajit was private secretary to Satya Sai, as such he would not be disturbed from that position. Satyajit named as such by Baba 15 years ago, also wanted only to serve the Baba and the Central Trust in his recent interview to media men, and would continue to live in Puttaparthi as Baba’s servant.
The Andhra Govt., like all trustees in the Central Trust, has an eye on the wealth (properties) left by Satya Sai, but it will not interfere as long as Trustees behave properly as Trustees in th use of these properties for public good. The Trust as yet has no united voice even in its first meeting since losing Baba.
While Ratnakar basically has been a Congress man, like the Andhra rulers, Satyajit is kept out as an unwanted person by Central Trust members, even at the risk of ignoring Baba’s expressed wish. But there is no will as yet.
Satyajit received threats to his life, as in common in Andhra way of life. Ther Govt. officials themselves asked him not to be seen in public, nor to participate in the last rites ceremonies of Baba, it is stated here. Satyajit’s parents living in Whitefield these days (Umesh Salian and Mohini), however were growing anxious about his future, while the devotee of Baba all these years is adamant about staying on in Kulawant Mahal surroundings to serve his master even after the tragedy.

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