Seminar on Police Reforms calls for training in prosecution, not defence

2:54 PM, Thursday, May 5th, 2011

seminar on police
Manipal: Former director of National Police Academy stunned the listeners in a seminar on “Reforms in Policing” at Manipal University on Wednesday, when he revealed that Posting Transfer of police personnel had become an industry with a Gram Panchayat president minting money in such business.
He called for professional autonomy in police functions as part of the reforms in methods and systems of policing in the country. Extraneous elements or influences interfering in normal police work should be forestalled. Any person infringing upon law to suppress facts must be treated as per law laid down as nobody however high is not above law and order. Former Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Satish Sahney wanted a National Prosecution Service Commission as in Japan. Recruitment of Public Prosecutors could be made by NPSC. Prosecution method needs to be stronger as there is no training or instructions on it, but only on how to defend a case.
Sahney argued that prosecution was directly related to investigation (in criminal cases) and the responsibility rested with the police to investigate, so they (policemen) became a part of the judiciary like prosecutors. He demanded more powers to the constabulary which formed 70% of the police force. All recruitments should start at the level of constables and then promoted upward in many levels. A constable, good and clean, should move to any higher level. When that is assured, he will work harder for higher gains in service. That is the professional service at a cleaner image, he spelt out.
MV Kamath, former editor and chief o Samachar Bharathi, and a veteran columnist had earlier backed Narendra Modi in Gujarat during riots. A senior officer who approached Morarjee Desai for advice during Gandhiji’s murder by a Pune Brahmin and subsequent riots against Brahmins in general, had been told to wait until public anger subsided and then take action. Modi was in thick of Hindu riots against Muslims on Godhra train burning issue. Former DGO, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh was present, besides other dignitaries of Manipal University.

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