Video : Shiroor Seer Lakshmivara swamiji Knew about his death

11:37 PM, Friday, July 20th, 2018

shiroor SeerUdupi : Fpllowers of Shiroor Seer Lakshmivara swamiji say now that the seer had an intimation of his death, but the seer did not take that intimation and considered it as an warning.

Prople of Tulunadu have lot of faith in god, but have more faith in Bhoota Daiva, because those Daivas directly talk to people.

Two months back a Dharmanema held at Padubidri in house of Balupooray , in which Lakshmivara swamiji also invited.

A Daiva by name Kodamanithaya had indicated to swami that he faces danger to his life and re confirmed it by Daiva showing his tongue meaning that what the Davia states is true, but for the reasons best known the seer did not take it seriously, but of late different movements Swamiji as expressed danger to his life.

The video of the Dharmanema clearly states what it tells swamiji in return the swamiji questiong the Daiva, Other people had clearly understood what the Daiva haad stated.

On an other incidents the Bhoota Daiva ( Kordabbu) had also directly warned Swamiji not to stabd for elections and it would be a misadventure if he does so.

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