Shree Krishna Math held ‘Tapta Mudra Dharana’ ritual

12:14 PM, Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Udupi-MudraUdupi: Shree Krishna Temple held ‘Tapta Mudra Dharana’ ritual on Friday at the temple premises. Images of Conch (Shanka) and Wheel (Chakra) were stamped by the Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar math, Shree Vishweshatheertha Swamiji.

The Shanka was stamped on the left and the chakra on the right arm. The ritual was performed by all the Swamijis of the Math.

It is believed that the mudra helps the devotees to stay away from evil things and it is performed on the Prathama Ekadashi.

Earlier the mudra’s were heated during the Sudarshana Homa, ehich was conducted by the temple. A long queue of the devotees was observed in front of the temple to perform the ritual.

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