Shukra Yoga is happiness, success

6:10 AM, Thursday, July 28th, 2022

If the aspect of Venus is auspicious one can get many benefic aspects.

Conjunction of Venus Rahu in a horoscope creates a lot of attraction towards the opposite sex. If this conjunction is in any house, there will be ideological disagreement, quarrel, strife between the husband and wife living away from each other in a different town or abroad.

If there is lack of Venus in your life then loneliness will remain in a person’s life. Many times the relationship between husband and wife is good but one remains ill. Correlation is negligible. In such combination homes, women are always unhappy because of their relationship with their husbands or because of their ill health.

People with such a combination destroy their wealth by themselves due to their bad habits. Such people should always stay away from immoral relationships, otherwise there is a risk of secret diseases and long illness. Such people are at risk of falling into wrong contracts. This combination also breaks the relationship between husband and wife.

Shukra Yoga is happiness, success. Here Ayurvedic medicine is given for all kinds of physical ailments of men.

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