‘Shutterdulia’ Tulu film to release in Coastal district on May 27

10:48 AM, Monday, May 23rd, 2016

ShutterdulaiMangaluru : Shashikanth Gatti directorial ‘Shutterdulia’ Tulu film set to release on May 27 in Coastal district. Shashikanth took the rights for the remake of Malayalam film, Shutter in Kannada and Tulu, he had a clear vision: keep the nativity of the story alive.

And although he had to forego the direction in Kannada, with Prakash Raj interested in playing the lead as well as directing it, he is rather glad to have completed his film in Tulu, which is titled Shutterdulia.

“It is a first film to be remade in Tulu. The subject of Shutter is so native that I did not have to change anything. More so, because it is a coastal subject, the story matches well with the Tulu audience too,” he says and justifies the remake by touching upon a prevalent but muted trend in filmmaking. “We did not have the money to wait for a year and make our own story. Though there are producers who can invest, but they do not have the kind of budget we except. I had to take up a product, which was ready to be made, but not for its commercial value but for its artistic value,” he says

Shutterdulai has Jai Jagadish playing the lead while Anita Bhat makes her debut in Tulu. “Jai Jagadish hails from Somwarpet, so he knows the language. Anita had to practice her dialogues since she is not familar with the language, but she has done a good job. This film might open a big market for the actress. Apart from the two, Mitra is playing an auto driver and I play a role of a director in the film,” Sashikanth says. With one screenplay song in the film, the music is scored by Manikanth Kadri and cinematography by Niranjan Babu.

Revealing the reason for giving up on the Kannada remake, he says, “Prakash Raj was keen to do Shutter in Kannada and insisted that he direct the film. And I could not think of any other actor other than Prakash Raj to carry that role. The second option was Nana Patekar, but he was too ‘big’ for Kannada cinema and I could not take it to Marathi because it was being remade there too. So I decided to compromise the Kannada remake and gave it away to Prakash Raj.” Prakash has helmed the film in Kannada and titled it as Idolle Ramayana.

Rajesh Bhat, Anish Antony Producer of the film, Kadri Manikanth Music Director, Jo Ni Harsha Editor, Niranjan Babu Cinematographer, Joy Mathew Original Story Writer.

Shutterdulai story line:

Rajeeva (Jai Jagadish) is an NRI working in the Gulf. He comes to his hometown Mangalore on annual leave. Rajeeva has invested in a small commercial property next to his house, which he has let out to the shopkeepers and except one of his shop lies vacant.

During this holiday, he meets his friends every evening inside the vacant shop and they bond every night over a few drinks. During one such evening, Damu (Mitra) an auto rickshaw driver and a friend of Rajeeva locks Bangari (Anita Bhat) a sex worker, along with Rajeeva inside the vacant shop promising to unlock the shop shutter after they spend some time together inside the locked shop.

Meanwhile, Damu meets one of his passengers, Vijay (Shashikanth) a film Director, who had forgotten his bag in Damu’s autorickshaw that morning. Vijay on knowing that he would get his bag back, celebrates by offering a couple of drinks to Damu. Eventually, Damu on his way back to the locked shop, gets into trouble with the cops and fails to return that night to open the shutter as promised to Rajeeva.

Both Rajeeva and Bangari spend a couple of nights together inside the locked shutter waiting for Damu’s return to unlock it. The rest of the narrative revolves around the embarrassing plight of the two inside the shutter and the lives of Damu and Vijay outside it.


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