Side effects in Cancer treatment have reduced radio surgery: Dr Kumar Swamy

4:43 PM, Friday, October 12th, 2012

Dr Kumar SwamyMangalore: Dr Kumar Swamy, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncologist, HCG said that ‘The incidence of prostate cancer is on the rise. The treatment for prostate cancer has advanced over the years.

He was speaking at the press meet organized by Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd, The Specialist in Cancer Care, at Hotel Deepa Comfort on October 12, Friday, on the advancements in the treatment of prostate cancer.

He also said that before in majority of patients their testis was removed, nowadays the organ is preserved. Robotic Radio surgery is an option now, where the duration of the treatment lasts for about 2 weeks, instead of 8 weeks in normal radiation therapy.

It can also be combined with initial regular radiotherapy and with cyber knife boost of three sittings for better medicinal outcome. The side effects have drastically reduced with the present day radiation and radio surgery approaches.

Dr Radheshyam, consultant, Medical Oncologist, HCG said that ‘By modifying lifestyle and diet one can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. In the initial stages prostate cancer is asympyomatic and in most cases the patients present with symptoms where usually it is locally advanced or metastatic. This is potentially curable cancer if detected early.

He also said that after 50 years of age, yearly PSA test is recommended and if anyone with a family history of this disease, they should start screening as early as from 35 years. Advancements in hormone therapy and chemotherapy has improved the survival rates of the patients and also the quality of life’.


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