Sonia G, certain to head AICC for a 4th term.

9:06 PM, Friday, September 3rd, 2010

New Delhi: Even though the primary, district and state level Congress Party elections have not been reported, AICC at its top is certain to elect Sonia Gandhi continuously for a Fourth term, much to the chagrin of national opposition BJP which has asked her to give up the post, the way she relinquished PM’s post a decade earlier.
Thursday was the last day for nominating a candidate for the President’s post in Congress Party and who but 63 year old Sonia Gandhi should be present to submit 55 sets of papers in her favour with no rival in sight Central Election Committee chairman of the Congress party promised to announce the election and present the certificate to Sonia G, on Friday (today). Almost all the present top leaders have backed Sonia, including her son Rahul for the highest post in AICC. The CWC will be dissolved, once the official announcement of Sonia as Congress Party President is made, Oscar indicated. Sonia rose to be the President in 1998 on the resignation of Sitaram Kesri, who was an office hearer for long years and left the Presidentship for health reasons.
However, BJP reacted immediately like an interference into Congress Party affairs, by asking Sonia to hard over the Presidentship to somebody else, before the final announcement. BJP chief spokesman Ravishankar Prasad referred to Congress Party constitution and roles to advise Sonia.
However, AICC Secretary Janardhan Trivedi countered Singh of BJP by replying that Sonia could become President of Congress 40 times under rules, related to a President. Trivedi ruled out BJP’s advice on Sonia Gandhi’s election.

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