Sri Ram Sena urges CBI probe into Sowjanya Case

3:14 PM, Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Sri Rama SenaMangalore : The members of Sri Ram Sena urged the state government to hand over the Sowjanya Murder case to CBI.

Speaking at the press meet held at Press Club on November 21, Wednesday,  Madhukar Mudrady said that there are many missing and murder case of girls in the distruct like Hebri’s Sujatha, Puttur’s Akshatha and Soumya Bhat and Shirva’s Vamshi, but ot of the real culprits are arrested.

He also said that the police have registered the case against the mentally ill Santhosh Rao, but even the people of the surrounding and her parents also believe that he is not the real culprit. Hence CBI investigation must be conducted.

He said that when the Esha Vittaladasa Swamiji of Kemaru Mutt had visted Sowjanya’s house on Nov 5 and convinced her parents to hand over case to CBI and urged State Government in ths regard too, but Dharmastala Gram Panchayath president Keshava Belalu gave the statement that he is doing this for political benefits and if he has to do it, then he must through his saffron cloth. This is an attempt to close the case and it clearly shows that he supports this incident and has some story behind this.

At present the case has been handed over to CID, but the true culprits will be identified oly through CBI, he said.

Speaking on the Datta Peeta, he said that the SRS will hold Datta Mala at Datta Peeta on Nov 25, Sunday. District Incharge Minister C T Ravi who came to power with the name of Datta Peeta is not permitting the devotees to go to Datta Peeta to Sri Ram Sena members. But the Sangha Parivar members were allowed to go there.

He also said that now they have given permission to worship Datta Padhuke, but it was his duty as minister and not his achievement or contribution.

The state government spends lot of money to Haj Piligrimage with the purpose of getting votes and publicity, but do not event provide the bus facilities to the poor devotes going to Shabarimale, he said.

Commenting on Kasab’s hang, he said that the SRS appreciate Pranab Mukherjee’s decision to hang Kasab, this was only possible in America, but now it also happended in india. Further people will have some fear before they create any crime.

Ganes Attavar, Madhusudan, Yogish Farangipet and Praveen Mudigere were present at the press meet.



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