Stamped Papers sold DCO rejected in Passport office

9:11 PM, Thursday, October 20th, 2011
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E-StampsMangalore:  Complaints ware made since last Monday (October 17) that in the local Passport office, stamp papers obtained from DK DC Office by applicants were not accepted.

About 100 passport applicants were sent back since Monday, it is stated here.

An application for passport has to be presented on stamp-paper, but why the rejection for stamp-paper issued from DCO? This question rankles the mind of rejected applicants now.

E-stamp sale takes place in post offices and banks, but timings are not suited to these applicants, as sales happen between 10AM and noon only.

But at DCO, stamp-papers are sold from early morning till evening and people rush there, especially those coming from outside Mangalore.

However, Passport officer K.J. Shrinivas denied any knowledge of such discrimination made in stamped papers. He promised to find out what was happening, as all money goes to the Government treasury.


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