Stanger Assaults Woman, Robes Gold Jewellery Worth Lakhs Near Mulki

3:34 PM, Thursday, October 26th, 2017

mulkiMangaluru: An unidentified person assaulted lonely woman and robbed gold jewellery worth lakhs in an incident reported during evening hours of October 25 at Kolnad in Mulki, Mangaluru. Exact data on robbed items is not known.

The stranger arrived at the residence of Prabhakara Shetty when his wife Sharada Shetty was alone and said he arrived to check whether they remitted electricity bill or not. When Sharada on a suspicion questioned him, he assaulted her and took away the valuables from the residence.

Prabhakara Shetty was out of his residence when the incident took place as marriage function of their daughter is nearing. The police along with dog squad and finger print experts rushed into the spot soon after the incident. Mulki police have registered a case on the incident and investigation is in progress.

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