State government will fall soon: Eshwarappa at Subrahmanya

5:21 PM, Thursday, June 21st, 2018

eshwarappaSullia: “Chief Minister, Kumaraswamy, has confirmed that his government’s tenure will be one year. It is difficult to predict whether it will last for a year or not. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had dreamed of ridding India of Congress.In Karnataka, Congressmen themselves are working to free the state of Congress.” said former deputy chief minister of Karnataka and veteran BJP leader, K S Eshwarappa.

Eshwarappa, who arrived at Subrahmanya in the company of daughter, Kanaka, and son-in-law, Nirmal, offered Tulabhara service by using rice, jaggery and tender coconuts. Eshwarappa claimed that he is an ardent devotee of Lord Kukke Subrahmanya and that he had visited this temple several times in the past.

“Congress is mired in factionalism. Congress leaders have been openly indulging in ugly fights of the level which was never witnessed in the past. The people are wondering whether there is a government in Karnataka or not. Although a coalition government with the coming together of JD(S) and Congress has been forged here, it is a unsatisfied government,” he observed.

“The lobbying for ministerial positions and internal fights for ministerial positions within Congress have become common knowledge. Therefore, there is no difficulty in predicting the downfall of this government soon,” he claimed.

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