Street Vendors Association staged protest demanding ID cards to the vendors

4:08 PM, Thursday, July 28th, 2016

CPIMMangaluru: Street Vendors Association staged protest against the oppression of Mangaluru City Corporation and demanded to provide identity cards to the vendors.

Addressing the gathering association Honorary President Sunil Kumar Bajal said that the state and Central governments are hindering the process of implementing street vendors’ bill.

“It has been nine months since the meeting of town vending committee. Last time 208 ID cards had been given to the vendors. The validity of the card was mentioned as October 2015. It hasn’t been renewed since then. 350 people have applied for the ID cards one year ago and they haven’t been provided the same,” he said.

He further said that MCC is harassing the street vendors. The protests will be sharpened if MCC doesn’t takes any decision on this matter in July 29 meeting.

Association President Mohammad Mustha, General Secretary Santhosh Kumar, Treasurer Athaulla and others were present.




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