Suicide Bombing kills 33 and mains 40 persons in Kundaz

8:59 PM, Monday, March 14th, 2011

Afghanistan BombKundaz (Afghanistan) : Over 33 persons were killed in a suicide attempt at an Army Recruitment Centre in Kundaz city in northern Afghanistan , local officials said today.
Another 40 persons were injured in various attacks in the city by suicide bombers. On Friday last the provincial Police chief (of Kundaz) A.R.Sayyed Khili was killed by the bomber. Due to infiltration of Taliban fighters, a once peaceful province has been unstable in recent times.
A Senior Official told BBC reporter B.Sarwary that the attack took place when people waited for Army recruitment. Those killed included Army officers, civilians and the aspirants for recruitment to Afghan Army.
A doctor in Kundaz hospital informed that he had received 33 dead bodies, along with some seriously injured persons. The attacks were claimed by the Afghan Taliban Fighters/bombers on vehicles.

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