Suresh Kalmadi gets a chappal outside the CBI court

9:32 PM, Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

suresh kalmadiNew Delhi: How much hated man, MP, official of sports, and a corruption dealer Suresh Kalmadi, has been over the years in Pune and Delhi was demonstrated, when on Tuesday a footwear was aimed at him as he was led into the presence of a CBI special court judge. The thrower was immediately identified as Kapil Thaur and caught by the police for his offence against the 66 years old ex-Congress MP from Pune. Kalmadi had been arrested on Monday as a big catch in the murky waters of national corruption games, and had to be produced before a judge for further detention for his ugly role connected with Commonwealth Games in which he tried to erode the fame of India as a whole.
The Congress MP has caused a Rs.95 crore loss to the Indian treasury in CWG deals authorized by him.

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