Surveyor Mahesh in Lokayukta nets, in property deals and bribes taken

6:00 PM, Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Surveyor Mahesh in Lokayukta netsUdupi: A surveyor in Taluk office of Udupi was in the habit of asking for extra money, a demand for bribes, and paid for the indecent demand he made.
C.M. Mahesh, the surveyor under watchful eyes of Lokayukta police, was caught red-handed in the act of receiving Rs2,000 out of a total bribe of Rs4,500 for a quick Survey deal, as a balance due on a property survey, on Monday(January 9).

Laxman Salian of Uchila had purchased a property in a village and paid the requisite fees to apply for a survey, to be made by Mahesh, who asked for Rs, 4,500 and received Rs2,500 as part payment.

He asked Salian to come next day with the balance amount of Rs2,000 and take away the document. But on the next day, Mahesh not only took Rs2,000 but demanded  a sum of Rs1,000 more, for another survey he had to do on Salian’s mother-in-law’s property too.

Salian realized what he had to do, and informed Lokayukta police who nabbed Mahesh at the right moment, as the culprit. Mahesh was produced in a sessions court and remanded to custody.

Mangalore LA-SP, D.S. Jagamaiyanavar and S.M.Vernekar besides others conducted the raid on Mahesh, when he was receiving Rs1,000 as additional bride, over and above Rs2,000 when scales fell.

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