Jailor LN suspended for releasing a criminal wanted in 72 cases

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Central Jail Bangalore

Bangalore: Even during Yeddyurappa’s time the Jailor in central prison at Parappana Agrahara, was notorious, and Yeddy was angry with Laxminarayana, the Jailor concerned, who used to ask eagerly who came to see Yeddy in prison, and what did they talk about. Today Laxminarayana was put on a hot plate by his suspension, on the […]

DK Minister Palemar visits the District Jail amid complaints.

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
<!--:en-->DK Minister Palemar visits the District Jail amid complaints.<!--:-->

Mangalore : The district jail officials were on their knees once DK ports Minister Krishna Palemar visited the district prisons off M.G. Road in city on Aug1, Sunday. The inmates of the Jail complained to him that the food was sub-standard, and the sambar was tasteless in the Jail Kitchens, and so they wanted to […]