Cheap houses by Tatas: Rs.32,000 each

Monday, July 18th, 2011
tata cheap home

Hyderabad: The Tata sons have embarked on a project of constructing and providing cheap houses to citizens for sale at Rs.32, 000 only, each soon, now that they have manufactured and sold Nano cars at an affordable price of Rs.1lakh to the limited income groups. They have marketed ‘Swatch”, a machine that purifies drinking water, […]

Politics of parties is the root of all evils

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
<!--:en-->Politics of parties is the root of all evils<!--:-->

Mangalore : The hand in glove activities of  smart politicians (DMK and JD-S, besides such others) in criminal activities, with a nexus of businessmen (producers, Industrialists and traders) greedy and manipulating to help politicians in power, to extend their own domain (as Reliance Ambanis and Tatas did all these years to show off their wealth […]