Rowdy sheeter ‘Akash Bhavan’ Sharan taken into police custody

Saturday, April 24th, 2021
AkshBhavan Sharan

Mangaluru : The police have taken into custody Akash Bhavan Sharan, said to be an associate of underworld operative Vikki Shetty, in connection with two motor vehicle theft cases and a plan to murder two associates of another such operative Ravi Poojary. He had hatched a plan to eliminate rivals Pradeep Mendon and ‘Monkey Stand’ […]

Six planning dacoity at Marakada arrested

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Mangaluru : The Central Crime Branch Police arrested six alleged associates of underworld operative Vikki Shetty on Thursday. The CCB Police made the arrests near Marakada village where they were allegedly planning a dacoity. “They were planning a major dacoity. We are yet to establish what that is,” Police Commissioner M. Chandra Sekhar said. The […]

Mr. Krishnamurthy replaces B.T. Obaleshappa for district prison

Sunday, November 8th, 2015
B.T. Obaleshappa

Mangaluru : The government has posted Krishnamurthy and Raghupathy as the superintendent and the jailor at the Mangaluru District Prison. Mr. Krishnamurthy replaces B.T. Obaleshappa, who was among the four prison personnel placed under suspension for alleged dereliction of duty leading to the murder of two prison inmates on November 2. Mr. Krishnamurthy was earlier […]