Team of ‘Ijjodu’ held discussion with college students

3:59 PM, Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Mangalore : The actress Meera Jasmine in playing with the shells alone, depicts the loneliness of the devadasi’s, said director M S Sathyu.
He was addressing the students at the discussion, held on the second day of the film release of ‘Ijjodu’, held at New Chitra Theatre on July 24, Saturday.

MS Sathyu was answering to the queries on the film asked by the students of Besant Women’s College, Mangalore University, St Aloysius College and other students. He also said that a film maker’s duty is not to solve the problems of the society, but it is left to the society itself, he said.

‘I am not qualified to rectify the society, but I can portray what is happening in society through my films’, he informed.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jacintha D’Souza, principal of Roshni Nilaya, said that people need to be more sensitive towards the society in handling the serious issue. The film like this will help in molding the society, she added.

Prof Radhakrishna K, principal of Women’s First Grade College, said that the film ‘Ijjodu’ has brought the situation of village and city into contact with each other. The belief of city people in the mind of villagers, have been beautifully described, he said.

Actor Aniruddha, Cinematographer B S Bhaskar and Dr P N Mayya, principal, Sharadha Vidyalaya also actively participated in the discussion. Sudhir Attavar, lyricists of the film compered the programme.

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