The earth crack in Manipal widened again, residents feared

12:44 PM, Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

erath-crackUdupi : The residents at Manchikere hamlet in Yembattu Badagabettu Gram Panchayat near Manipal said that the width of the gap has now increased,  the crack has passed through the house of Ramesh Nayak and his well. Mr. Nayak told on Tuesday that the gap of the crack that had passed through his house had widened to about half-an-inch.

“The gap is slightly wider near my well. We are all fearful here. So far no officials have visited our area. It would be better if officials concerned paid a visit to find a solution,” he said.

Sudhir Nayak, another resident, said that the width of the gap had increased since 2014. “In some places in the area, the width of the gap has increased significantly and it was noticed last month. Rainwater flows into the gap. The land on one side of the crack has dipped slightly. Elected representatives and officers should take note of this matter,” he said.

Meanwhile, H.N. Udayashankar, Professor in Geology, Department of Civil Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), said that the increase in the gap might be due to the collapse of the roof of some hard lateritic caves which were located in Manchikere area because of dissolution of laterite clay material by groundwater.

“It is the continuation of the same process that started in 2014. It may increase further also because the groundwater had exhausted this year.

“Again, when water enters, there will be further movement. It is all because of groundwater movement,” Dr. Udayashankar said.

Deputy Commissioner Hephsiba Rani Korlapati said that she would look into the matter.


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