The female embryo protection bill needs empowerment by society

4:34 PM, Monday, November 11th, 2013

babyIn free India thousands of female embryos are wasted by abortion, killing and feeding them to the street dogs by the doctor’s concerned in private practice, at the coast of a God fearing Indian society.

The Hindus especially believe in five worst since, among them killing of women embryos and cows, are considered never to be forgiven.

The work of killing female embryos has earlier taken place in states like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh to name a few states. Here   delinquent doctors perform the operations of abortion and blood-letting for people who hate girl children or female babies. It is learnt that lacks of babies are born and die within the age of five for one reason or the other under infant mortality and hatred of female babies. Even educated parents apart from village couples, or poverty-stricken rural families and in city are not free from this dangerous attitude of embryo killing, once they know that girl would be born to them out of woman and is done to death for being a girl in the womb.

The bill to be passed by the state government in legislature in the next session aims at reducing the incidents of killing female embryos or babies. The bill expects the number of females to be on par with the number of male children as on 2014, if not as in 2011 censes. In some states as in Karnataka the female children are woefully less than their male counter parts. This would harm the future prospects of youths (male) above 21 years of age in the years to come, as they will not get suitable wives, much to their embarrassment.

The proposed bill also encourages informants to the governments Welfare Development about any embryo killing, abortion and baby murder. Such an informant is doing a service to the nation and would be recorded with the Rs. 1000 in the beginning and another Rs. 20000 after is information to the Govt. is proved correct.

It is only when a few proved cases of guilt are pointed out that the success of bill would be confirmed. Till then, one wops that all medical men prevent any doctor or a quack dose not perform  operations of bloodletting in abortions or embryo killing.

People of India expect the Karnataka government to formulate an exemplary bill for other states to follow as well, and save many beautiful children at birth

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