The Incredible World Cup Football 2010: that lakhs of people enjoyed in S. Africa

9:26 PM, Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Johannesburg : First of all, South Africa was an unlikely place for World Football matches, although World Cup cricket and IPL – 2 were played there. Then it had Mandela N, who could not attend the opening show but managed  to attend the final game in the simplest manner possible when his home country and host had been thrown out in the opening rounds with other African teams (except Ghana that went down in a quarter final to Uruguay who lost its semi final to Holland).

The 32 teams that vied with each other in 8 groups and started knockout from the last 16 were unbelievable. There were big and small teams, and no stars when they went into last 8 (quarter finals). Here Paul, the Octopus started his own heroism by correctly predicting 7 results, 2 against Germany where he is based! He got accolades, and the bookies frowned  upon Paul, the hideous marine creature. They wouldn’t trust him when he told only truth as it emerged. He was a star over night!.

The last 8 line was also surprising, with four South American teams. No Asians nor the outer periphery of Koreas, Japan, New zealand and Mexico. The Indian sub-continent was woefully missing, considering our Kerala, Bengal, Maharashtrian, Goan, Karnataka and other state players of football in 60 years! We are in World class in cricket, Hockey, Chess, Badminton, Athletics and other sports, but not in soccer. That is incredible indeed!
When the last 4 came up, what do we find? One South American (out of 4), all 3 European teams only, no Africans. It was an all European finals, in which Spain prevailed over Holland in the 116th   minute of play for a single goal from Iniesta. Both teams were “Unseeded” so to say. Germany secured only 3rd place, against Uruguay.

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