The state Govt. to file a PIL in Supreme Court against Governor

3:55 PM, Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

RAJAPALBangalore: The BJP (Sadananda Gowda) Government is climbing the steps of Supreme Court, in a continuing conflict with former Law minister and present state Governor, HR Bhardwaj, on the issue of appointing the retired Kerala Chief Justice S.R. Bannurmath (a Lingayat from Karnataka) as the latest Lokayukta. The DVS Gowda team which has taken over the legacy of B.S.Yeddyurappa and his policies in state since 6 months now, has insisted up on Bannurmaths’s choice, but Bharadwaj who knows more and better than BJP rulers in a higher chair, has stoutly refused to give a green signal for Bannurmath as a tainted man of judiciary, when there are so many other cleaner judges waiting in the wing, to succeed justice N. Santhosh Hegde who retired in August 2011.

The state (BJP) Govt. has secured Advocate General of Karnataka’s advice, and Supreme Court! Judges’ views, to file a public interest Litigation (PIL) in Supreme Court!

DVS Gowda, K.S. Eshwarapps, and B.S. Yeddyurappa have concurred in this programme of action, against state Governor. They want the extent of powers that a state Governor can exercise in selecting a Lokayukta, from the Supreme Court bench, to proceed further or recode by making changes.

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