The Supreme Court turns down CBI plea to re-examine Bhopal gas case

5:56 PM, Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

bhopal tragedyBhopal: The gas leak tragedy in Bhopal factory of a multinational company is now years old but the aftershocks keep continuing after the deadly event.
On Wednesday May11, the Supreme Court has rejected a CBI plea to re-investigate the entire tragedy to fix the blame on certain parties again.
The SCI has ruled that there never was any objection all these years since Sept. 1996 when the gas leak tragedy has had occurred to do this fuller investigation by CBI and Madhya Pradesh to fix proper responsibilities for the crimes against humanity.
Over 15,ooo people had died in the world’s single great industrial (chemicals) tragedy, and several thousands more were maimed or decapacitated but CBI stopped short of murders or assaults, to make a chargesheet against the neglect of Union Carbide Co. administrators, but to address a collective mayhem, with no specific participators.
The CBI revision petition relates directly to Sept 1996 verdict already in force. The MP Govt., was seeking an interference into the matter by seeking fresh consideration into the crimes. The condemned persons then were given only 2 years’ prison sentence. Those convicted on 7-6-2010 verdict were Carbide India Chief Keshub Mahindar and others, who are serving the sentence now. But the main accused, James Anderson of UB (now retired) was helped out of India to flee by PM Rajiv Gandhi and MP CM Arjun Singh then, who are no more alive; an allegation had been made all these years.
Since the Bhopal tragedy sufferes’ families had pressurized the UPA govt, to bring to Justice, those from the international company for neglect, CBI made an appeal to reopen the sordid issue to fix liabilities but was over ruled by SCI.

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