The Union government have no policy to save the regional languages : Bilimale

12:55 PM, Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Purushottama BilimaleUdupi : Purushottama Bilimale, Professor, Kannada Studies in School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, said Tulu language is being communalised extensively.

Speaking after receiving the annual ‘Bannanje Babu Ameen Folk Award’ for scholars, he stressed on the need for in-depth promotional activities aided by research activities in Tulu language and added that Tulu continues to be in existence owing to its affluent folk culture. Nearly 80 lakh people speak Tulu. The minimum structural units of Tulu language are indeed more powerful with the format and content, he said, referring to Paddana.

He said there are 7,600 languages in the World Language Map put up by UNESCO, of which, 34,000 are in India. As many as 323 languages are under the threat of extinction and nearly 74 languages and dialects are on the verge of extinction in the time span of next 50 years, he added.

He said the death of a language is a big tragedy as it results in the end of culture and customs of the bygone area. No attempts have been made to save language, he added.

He said Tulu language was not included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution as it not the official language of a state. However, the inclusion of Bodo, Maithili, Santhali and Dogri languages, owing to the political agenda, has spearheaded the demand for the inclusion of other non-official languages of states. Later, the government, noticing the impending threat, has decided to cut down the facilities offered in the Eighth Schedule for the languages. Hence, even though the government considers Tulu language for the inclusion, there is no major benefit, he said.

The 11th and the 12th Five Year Plans have no provisions to develop or promote any languages. The Union government has no policy to save the languages, he noted.

He said, “Nationality is not something that is formulated targeting the frontiers of other nations, it is something planned keeping in mind the cultural aspect which includes the language and its growth. The design should incorporate the spirit of Indian Constitution.”
He said the countries, which are built on religion, have been destroyed while India has always been known for its inclusive approach.

He demanded that the amendment should be made in the Constitution to save and develop the languages.

Chief Minister’s Media Advisor Dinesh Ameen Mattu remarked that Indians are being ruled by hypocrisy. The leaders dictating culture have been emerging out in large numbers. They act as spokespersons of culture, ensuring the divide-and-rule policy, he added.

“Our culture respects thoughts and not the baseless practices of caste and religion,” Mattu said.

He stressed on the need to conserve the folk culture. The erstwhile Dakshina Kannada was known for inclusiveness and co-existence twenty five years ago, but the present scenario has disturbed harmony in the region, he said.

Centenarian folk artiste Guruva also awarded under artiste category on the occasion.

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