Tiger van gets police protection in an unclean city Kudla

10:05 PM, Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

civic tigerMangalore: The tiger van seems to have lost its teeth, so soon after the irate roadside vendors demonstrated at and surrounded the MCC office on Monday, to demand a meeting with Mayor Praveen Anchan and MCC Commissioner, Dr. K.N Vijay Prakash.
The date is re-fixed for May 26, Thursday. The van is now surrounded by city policemen for its protection that is, from vendors! It contains the seized materials meant to be sold by the vendors, who were evacuated from foot-paths and roadsides, to keep the city clean.
Perhaps, the MCC officials have not seen the dustbins and garbage-throwing places in the city around Central Market area and many other places deep in such as Bunder Roads, which are littered with rubbish.
What is the idea behind a clean city? Is it clean, if lanes are dirty even with dead rates on them, plastic bags all over, and heaps of rubbish thrown in front of houses or buildings?
The municipal lorries and vans do not clean up nooks and corners of the winding lanes and streets, all over the city , and there has to be a time (down) to clean up the Bunder, Market, Car Street, Dongerkery, Kadri, Alike, Kudroli and such other areas of the main city.
The lorries come in large numbers in these areas from early dawn even in dark carrying goods.

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