Tips for Winter season

3:19 PM, Sunday, December 25th, 2011


Winter is the time for outing and merriment. As a matter of fact it is also the time for maximum exposure to ultraviolet rays and dry cold winds. So it is also the time for maximum care to your skin. Here are a few tips to remain fresh and soft even in these dry months. Staying beautiful does not means to look good but to be good so here are also some tips of diet for the season.

To get rid of the tanning and fine lines:
To get rid of the tanning occurred in winter use juice of tomato twice everyday. Don’t forget to have raw tomatoes to include Vitamin-C in your everyday diet. Tomato is also helpful in reducing fine lines of skin. Orange is also helpful for reducing fine lines.

To treat oily skin:
Whoever suffers from oiliness even in these dry months, try out this pack of grated potato, fuller earth and drops of lime. As the pack dries up rinse it off thoroughly with water. Dead cells will get removed to give you a fresh look.

dry cracked feet

Cracked heels:
Beauty care does not mean caring skin of your face only. Cracked heels are eternal problem of winter season. Not only for beauty cracked heels are often source of greater infection of skin. Clean your feet thoroughly with soap. Wipe to dry with a towel. Boil spinach. Preserve the water when the leaves get boiled. Soak feet in the water to get results like magic. Besides try to keep your feet clean. Use socks when going out. Clean your feet every night. Pamper your feet with equal quantity of Vaseline and glycerin. Wear cotton socks before going to bed.

Dry elbow, knee and cracked lips:
Sometimes dry elbow and knee becomes a source of embarrassment. Smash ripe banana and mix with sugar granules. Rub the mixture on affected regions till the granules melted. If practiced regularly the results are sure to come. Cracked lips coloured with lipstick is also not a site to be seen. Use a mixture of honey, lime juice, olive oil and glycerin to heal cracked lips. Instead strawberry, milk cream and honey can also be used for similar purpose.

Remain fresh:
Don’t stop bathing in winter. Use rose petals and basil  leaves in lukewarm water for bathing. This is the wonder formula for a glowing skin. Remove dead cells and dirt with a homemade scrubber of milk cream and refined flour. If you have no time to spare at morning add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to the last mug of water and bath with it.

Take beauty internally. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables along with water. Include vitamins like C and A more in your diet to became the beauty of the season.

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