To be a strong nation, treat women with dignity, says Governor Vala

11:03 AM, Friday, September 9th, 2016

vajubhai-rudabhai-valaUdupi: Governor Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala lamented that core Indian values are diminishing from the culture and practices among Indians, especially women are looked down upon and are made to stay in constant fear for life and dignity.

Addressing a gathering at the golden jubilee celebrations of Kadiyali Ganeshothsava organized by Udupi Ganeshothsava Samiti here, the Governor said that Indians are losing courage for protecting their mothers and sisters. He reiterated that bravery and courage is essential to protect a man’s dignity.

Governor added that righteousness can be protected only by following ancient Indian values which stressed on truth and sacrifice. He said that righteousness is capable of eradicating problems encountered by the society. Hence it should be protected at any cost. Indian traditions are completely different from all other countries across the globe.

He noted the nation which respects and honours a woman’s power is an embodiment of peace and tranquility. The Governor also added that women should be empowered and their dignity be respected and protected to build a powerful nation.

“A nation which aspires to be cultural, powerful and strong, should treat its women with dignity. Peace will prevail only when women are sheltered and respected. The courage that Indian men once showcased to protect their women is slowly disappearing. The mother is the quintessence of all divine power. No evil would have fallen on the nation if women are respected.”

Asserting that righteousness will protect the people who protect it, the Governor added that being righteous does not simply mean performing religious rituals or chanting spiritual hymns. It is rather the fulfillment of duties by following one’s ethics.

Hinduism is the religion which does not dislike or disrespect any other religion or dogma and treats everyone equal. “To live life with righteousness is essential. India has sustained various invasions owing to the tolerance and religious beliefs practiced among Hindus. India is a strong nation. However, the nation would not attack any other country or religion, but those who attack us will not be spared,” he said.

Stating that the life span of any individual is not important, the Governor added that the way of one leads life is more important. He reiterated that a nation’s righteousness will protect the nation, inturn protecting its citizens, he said. He regretted that the people are turning out to be cowards, corrupt and characterless.

He called upon the people to shed illegal and opt the path of righteousness. One should live and die for the cause of nation and truth. He stressed that sacrifice is essential and one should incorporate good thoughts.

He said Ganeshothsava programme held all over the country on the basis of the idea put forth by freedom fighter Balganagdhar Tilak is nothing but a social celebration and not a religious ceremony. It also upholds Mahatma Gandhiji’s concept of ‘Rama Rajya’, he concluded.

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