Total number of vehicles in Karnataka to cross two crore

4:41 PM, Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

vehicleBangaluru: Recent survey provided by the Regional Transport Office shows that more than 16 lakh new vehicles have joined the traffic in the state last year. Total number of vehicle in the state resulted in 1.9 crore in 2017.

Compared to 2016’s statistics 7.1 lakhs, this year only 6.44 lakhs vehicles were registered in 12 RTO offices in Bengaluru by the year’s end. There was 10% decrease in the registration of vehicles in Bengaluru.

Yet, each vehicle on road will be congestion because of the growing traffic in the city.

An RTO official in Bengaluru predicted that the total number of vehicle will cross over two crore in the coming few months.

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