Tulu outside 8th schedule

8:21 AM, Friday, March 18th, 2011
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Govida M Karajol Minister-for-KannadaBangalore: Tulu continues to lose face in the national mainstream as if it is not a language while Manipuri, Nepali and Dogra languages are welcome in India. The latest kick on the back Tulu as a spoken language (dialect), with Kannada as its script is that it would not be included in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution as a recognized language. Any book in Tulu will not get a Central Academy award. The Centre has announced that Tulu cannot be considered for national recognition in a given time frame. It has written to Karnataka that extent.
Tulu has no TV, Radio, University, or a news paper as yet, although the Academy exists and Tulu is an optional (3rd) language in coastal schools.
Govinda Karjol, Minister for Kannada/Culture in a reply to the query put by MLC Bharthi Shetty has on Wednesday clarified the helpless position of Tulu as an ancient language, connected with history of Vijayanagar. According to the Census report of 2001, those who speak Tulu in India, are over 14.95 lakhs. Tulu Academy is working in Mangalore in MCC premises. A new building is proposed on a half acre land, with a crore of rupees donation for the construction works, this year. Tuluvas have been asked to write ‘Tulu’ as their language in 2011 census.
Smaller population languages should be included in 8th schedule under special rules, according to a recommendation made by a committee headed by Sitakantha Mohapatra (Orissa) in New Delhi. There is no time cordon for this suggestion, Central Home Minister of State Ajay Macken, in a letter to Karnataka Govt minister Karajol, said on March 16. There is no effective leadership for Tulu on the west coast in state legislature, or in Parliament.


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