Tulu quality films need encouragement actor Shivadhwaj

1:05 PM, Monday, February 20th, 2012

TuluAccademyMangalore: Speaking at Tulu Sahitya Academy in city on Saturday evening in a seminar on Rise and Fall of Tulu Cinema, actor in many films of several languages, Shivadhwaj Shetty, said a quality film in Tulu deserve sate subsidy, as is the case for Kannada films.

Such quality films help expanding markets for Tulu films. The hero who has appeared in a recently finished film ‘Bangarada Kural’ (Golden crop) due for release in many, felt that the Tulu film industry was a golden mine just opened up recently with ‘O’ a comedy.

A regional film festival of quality Tulu films could be organised to generate a larger awareness on Tulu as a language, found down South. As Konkani and Kodava films are few, unlike Tulu, they can join these festivals. Tulu is already popular on stage through plays, and now there are films in Tulu in adequate numbers.

There films could get into screening across satellite channels. He reminded the listeners that Tulu programmes were held frequently in west Asia and Mumbai.

Producer T.A. Srinivas wanted post-production facilities DK district, to bring out quality films-here Renowned Tulu personalities of stage V.K. Kodialbail, S.C Padiwal, K.N. Tailor, and Academy chairman Umanath Kotian spoke on the occasion.

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