Tuluwas welcome the success of ‘Oriyardori Asal’- a comedy in Tulu

7:15 PM, Thursday, June 30th, 2011

AsalMangalore: The epoch-making new Tulu film, “Oriyardori Asal” (One-up-manship)is giving its Trophy to writer-producer Vijai Kumar Kodialbail for being one-up on other Tulu producers, as the film completed 601 shows and racing for more theaters across DK-Udupi districts.
The movie has completed 100 shows at the multiplex in a Bijai of Big Cinemas by being a big movie itself since its release 34 days back, nearly 25000 ticket holders have seen the film in Tulunadu. Before he talks of new ventures, he should humbly wait for the advancing steps of the present film on hand, because he is taking it to Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gulf Countries (half-a dozen of them) for a ‘Dekho’ there. He is now bending his back with gratitude to the ebullient Tulu crowds, eager to get into theatres in six towns.
The movie moves on to Kasaragod and B.C. Road in July, and Mumbai in August, later to Arab countries where Tuluvas wait for a copy of the film. Film-makers in Kerala and Mumbai are trying to ride the noisy bandwagon of this Tulu film in 2011.

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