Two Russians from Moscow get married in DK as Hindus

5:52 PM, Monday, November 21st, 2011

Russian MarriageBelthangady: Two Russians coming to India and Belthangady taluk, from Moscow, got Married here in pure Hindu customs of marriage, as devotees of Lord Ganapathy since 15 years.

Alexiev Zelenin(39) and fellow citizen(of Moscow) Polina Korniyenko(31) were married on Sunday as per Hindu customs, speaking like Sirsi Havyak Brahmin community members.

The Russian couple sat on wooden seats, the bridegroom tied a Mangalya chain round the neck of his bride, they went round fire seven times(known as Sapta-padi) and went to  Ardha-nareeshwara Temple in India-bettu, guided by temple priest Ananda Bhatji.

Although a few people attended this marriage of foreigners in an Indian atmosphere under Vedic rites, the event was quite rare, and without a precedent here.

The couple had married on 11-11-11 in Russia, as per a registered Act. Next day, they boarded a plane to be here. There is only a soul link to such an unusual marriage. Both are working in two separate companies in Russia.

A Russian friend Elena Fedosenko inspired them on this love turned marriage process. She had arranged a demonstration of Bharatanatyam in Mangalore. Elena knew Deviprasad Rao of DK, now living in Goa as an artist.

The couple were searching for a quiet natural spot for a decade, and the Indabettu Ardhanarishwar temple near Bengady in Belthangady taluk met all their requirements of Scenery and peace.

Peter Day of Goa was witness to their Hindu marriage. They went through the traditional marriage, Naga Puja Satyanarayan Puja, and a Mahapuja to local deity, Ardhanarishwa too.

Both were in Hindu dresses of Kache-Panche and Saree, and presented a pleasing sight.

It is a proof of Hindu traditional Supremacy that goes to the depth of two understanding souls, now bound in Wedlock.

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