Udupi district administration responsible for cattle trader’s death: VHP

12:26 PM, Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

hindu-parishatUdupi: Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Sharan Pumpwell, on Tuesday, questioned the police on the legality of booking a murder case under IPC Section 302 (punishment for murder), even before getting the post-mortem report in the death of cattle trader Hussainabba at Peradoor.

Sharan alleged that the Udupi district administration was directly responsible for the death of Hussainabba. He said, “We have been urging the district administration and the police to take action against illegal transportation of cattle, but they have failed to act in this regard. Hence, they are responsible for the death.”

“In this case, the police failed to get any weapon used for the alleged murder, and Hussainabba had no external injury marks on his body. This proves that he was not assaulted. In this scenario, why are our activists being booked for murder? A total 10 people including a VHP leader, Bajrang Dal activists and three policemen have been arrested so far, in connection with this case, and many innocent activists have been harassed in the name of this murder,” he said.

“The police very well know that Hussainabba died due to cardiac arrest, and he had undergone heart bypass surgery twice, but despite this, murder charges were levelled against Hindu activists. Hence, we demand an inquiry into this case at the highest level. The coastal district is getting more vulnerable on the cattle issue. Many such crimes keep happening here.

We asked the government and police department to take strict action on this issue. However, the district administration has completely failed in this regard. We demand that the police form a special team to control illegal trafficking of cattle,” he demanded.

“Cattle were stolen from Shirooru Mutt and from a cattle shed at Hebri, but the police did nothing to stop the perpetrators in this regard. Our activists have a clear idea about who is involved in these illegal activities, and inform the police many a time, however they take no action. Hence, our activists are forced to get into the field to protest against such illegal activities.

The Bajrang Dal never indulges in violence, and we are not encouraging murders. The Cow is like God for Hindus, and protecting it is our responsibility,” he said

“In DK and Udupi, only one slaughterhouse works legally in Kudroli in Mangaluru, and 10-12 cattle are killed here every day. However, the twin districts have more than 3,000 beef stalls according to an RTI query. In that case, from where do they get the meat for such a huge number of stalls ? This clearly indicates that illegal slaughterhouses are functioning throughout the state.

More than the police, our activists have knowledge about it, and we keep informing the police on the issue. The same happened in this case too,” he said.

On Wednesday, in order to oppose the arrest of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists, a huge protest is been organized in front of DC’s office, Manipal, by the BJP. Bajrang Dal and VHP activists will support the BJP in this protest.

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