Uppinangadi: A Hindu saved Muslim man who drowns in a river

10:10 PM, Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

uppinangady Uppinangadi: A man who drowned in the river was rescued by another man in Uppinangadi on Saturday, Agust 22.

A Muslim man from Kalleri Janata Colony has drowned into a river and shouted for help, while Ravi Shetty, a resident of Kokkadu, rescued the man.

Hundreds of people watching this scene were looking for a man to wash away but not to the rescue.

However, Ravi Shetty, rescued the man by jumping into the river immediately after seeing the incident. The man who washed himself in the water was trapped in the muddy side of the river and drowned. As the fields were covered with mud and grass, Ravi Shetty too had to work hard to protect the drowning person.

While protecting a man who had fallen into the Nethravathi River, a Home Guard in the spot had thrown a piece of rope from the other side of the river to the other end at Ravi Shetty’s side. The shepherd of the rope tied the waistband of a drowning man, thereby preventing him from drowning. Chennappa, Swimmer of the Home Guard, Staff Janardhan and Narayana were present.

Ravi Shetty, who rescued the life of a Muslim man beyond his religion, has been widely praised for his efforts in communal riots in the  district.

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