Uprooted Mango Tree falls on Acharya’s house: 7 injured

8:23 PM, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

house-DamageMangalore: There was no casualty (or death), only minor injuries for seven(7) members in a family on Tuesday(Aug 2) morning, when a huge tree uprooted in winds and rains, fell on their house, extensively damaging their home in the bargain.
This happened in Bajilkeri near Bunder in city, when a Mango tree overturned in the backyard of N.Yogish Acharya who lives in the house since 45 years, and fell on the house around 4 AM on Tuesday. The tree and braches went through the roof of Acharya’s house and smashed its walls with a big thud.
Heavy rains have daily lashed the area, since a week every night and early morning, even on Tuesday, as in the whole DK District. the wall of another house, in Kandak(moat) near DCO, belonging to Pramod, also collapsed on Tuesday around 2-30 Am, due to heavy rains and swift winds.

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