Urwa Marigudi annual religious celebration held

4:17 PM, Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Urwa Marigudi annual religious celebrationMangalore: Urwa Marigudi, a historical shrine for deity Mariyamma has its annual worships and installation anniversary celebrations planned for Monday-Tuesday, were held with great enthusiasm. The annual event was looked forward to on Feb11 by splashing Prasadam at the Urwa Mariamma temple.
Urwa Marigudi annual religious celebrationOn 21st night, the milk boiling ceremony took place according to local traditions. On the second day, various religious rites, like food offering to the spirits, Rashi Puja, Mariamma’s leftovers, were conducted as per special customs observed only here.
Urwa Marigudi annual religious celebrationAlong with such activities, annual great Puja was offered to the goddess, like Darshan Bali, Deepa Bali, Madasnana (rolling) and Kanchil services were conducted in high faith and éclat. Tremendous crowds as devotees surged in at the Marigudi (shrine) to receive blessings of the deity.
Urwa Marigudi annual religious celebrationA specially prepared ‘Golden Tower’ (Swarna Shikhara) costing Rs.one crore and weighing 4 kgs., was brought in a procession and after religious rules, it was installed at the venue of the shrine. All previous and present administrators  of the holy place where present. The annual Mahapooja was observed by large crowds of devotees led by Devadas Putran and many others.
Urwa Marigudi annual religious celebration

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