VHP demands high-level probe in to death of Hindu family near Jeppu

11:23 AM, Saturday, December 11th, 2021

vhp-protestMangaluru : Sri Rajashekharananda Swami of Gurupura Vajradehi Mutt on Friday demanded a high-level probe, preferably by the National Investigation Agency, into the death of four members of a family in Jeppu here on Wednesday.

Addressing a meeting organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishat here, Sri Rajashekharananda Swami said that Nagesh Shiraguppi had reportedly mentioned about attempts to convert his wife Vijayalakshmi into another religion by a woman.

The woman from the other community is said to be wealthy and had paid a good amount of cash to Vijayalakshmi, he said.

The swami said that investigation should be conducted to reveal the source of funding that the woman had as the reported conversion attempts could be part of a larger conspiracy to spread terrorism. As such, an in-depth probe is required by a professional agency, he demanded.

Sri Rajashekharananda Swami said that people from other religions have been converting people from Hindu religion to their religion either by force or through inducement for many years. This is nothing but misuse of the large-heartedness of the Hindus in welcoming all in their land, he said.

Sri Rajashekharananda Swami said that in view of the recent incident as well as recurring attempts to convert Hindus to other religions, the State Government should immediately enact the anti-conversion law.

The VHP in its memorandum to the Home Minister said that repeated attempts were being made to convert Hindus to other religions because of the absence of an anti-conversion law. Wednesday’s incident was one such attempt to divide families and create social unrest, it said.

To put a complete halt to forced and induced conversion, the government should immediately enact the law, it demanded.

Om Shree Vidyananda Swamiji of Om Shree Mutt, Chilimbi, VHP Mangaluru Secretary Shivanand Mendon, district president Gopal Kutthar and others were present.

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