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12:20 PM, Saturday, May 21st, 2011

An interview with the Tulu Producer-writer of “Oriyardori Asal”, (Each one a Gem), Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

Mega Media News MD taking Asal-IntrveiwMangalore: Mega Media News had an occasion to meet and discuss, with Vijay Kumar Kodialbail, an eminent Tulu stage director, writer and story teller, who is gentle in conduct and direct in speech with a simple mind of his own, and an experience of 25 years in Tulu dramas.
Vijay Kumar KodialbailHe has presented 18 plays in Tulu to the Tulu audiences at large. He has also directed 2 of them. In 15 years he has written 7 stories for as many Tulu films and written dialogues for one of them.
‘Oriyardori Asal’ was a Tulu drama in its origin, and fashioned into a film under his guidance.
Vijay Kumar KodialbailMega Media News cornered him at home and face to face to elicit information on the venture.

Q: Any difference in the drama and film you made? Only 20% of the stage play is taken in the film and the rest, you say, is new in appeal. This modification must have cost you a fortune in its production?
A: Well, yes, there is more comedy and the entire presentation has to suit a film, not the stage, simply because it is a Movie. On Budget, I wish to remain silent. But in the 40 years of Tulu film making, no other picture would have cost anyone more, you see!

Q: (smiling) H’m, now, where did you go for shooting it?
A: Mangalore, of course! (smiling). Then Bangalore studios – Kanteerava Abhiman and the great metropolis of Mumbai for its picturesque scenes. 2 songs were picturised in Mangalore. The other three had Mumbai and Bangalore locales.

Q: Can you summarize the story for our readers?
A: Well, it is revolving around Tulunadu Culture, land and waters (rivers) only to protect them for posterity. There is a comic tussle between landlord and tenants on his property. The situations provide laughter.

Q: Say something on publicity and production values of this venture.
A: Yes, my 25 years of hard and valuable experience on stage is fully utilised here to make this film with its story, dialogues and what not. I had full freedom to do as I can, since it was my own baby. But then, it has to be shown to all. Efforts have been made to lavish as much multi-facial publicity in various cities and towns on the coastal belt, including Hoardings and news ads.

Q: What is your expectation for a Tulu film when the market is rather limited (unless you go abroad where Tulu is spoken)?
A: I’m confident of a cent per cent success for this extraordinary film, duly publicized before release. It could run beyond 100 days! It is not inferior to any big budget lavish entertainment, believe me.

Q: Delighted to hear that. Have you created new opportunities for rising artistes in this film, who can look forward to more such exposure to talents?
A: Ah, yes. Heard of Bantwal Jayarama Achary He is a seasoned artiste in Yakshagana plays, promoted to films as first entry now. Then there is Likhith Shetty who had acted in ‘Parole’ and was anchor in channel ‘U2’ but he is hero here. Ramya Berna has experience in 3 films, but new to Tulu. Singer Rameschandra is crooning for his first Tulu film song.

Q: One last question, Vijayere! Any plans to dub this Tulu film to Kannda or any other language?
A: (Thoughtfully) There is a proposal to do it in Malayalam. Tulu and Malayalam are sisters, if not look alikes. So it could happen.

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

Vijay Kumar Kodialbail

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