Voting dull in DK upto noon 10 to 12% only

4:59 PM, Friday, December 31st, 2010

ZP TP ElectionsMangalore: In Someshwar and Kotekar (school) booths, voting was slow from morning, while in Uchila Bovi School, the machine failure disappointed the eager voters, as only 4 votes were cast from 7 am to 8.30 am. Votings did not go beyond 10% in Uchila and Kuthyar centres, upto 9 am.
ZP TP ElectionsNeerumarga reported normal speed in voting. Long queues were seen in Kuthyaru Padavu.
ZP TP ElectionsAt noon, the voting average is recorded in DK at 25% which is fairly low. In Udupi, it was 19% only.
Voting has been boycotted by people of Kudloor in the Belthangady taluk, as no progress was done in the area by the rulers / MLAs.
ZP TP Elections

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