We will follow our Holy Quran, not government order : Hijab protester girl

9:01 PM, Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

Hijab GirlsUdupi :   “We were confident of getting a favourable verdict. We will not enter the classroom without Hijab. We will fight legally. There is mention in the Quran to cover our body. If there was no necessity to wear Hijab, we would not have covered our heads. We would not have fought for it if Hijab was not important. We want both Hijab and education.” said Alia Asadi, one of the protester.

We are facing issues with our education. The principal should have allowed us to wear Hijab. This is not preventing Hijab but our education. Both religion and education are important for us. We want both.

We will continue our fight. We approached the High court to allow us to wear Hijab. However, the verdict was against our expectations. The uniform rule of the government is mentioned in the verdict itself,” said Alia.

The students also went ahead and alleged, “Pressure was exerted on the court through the interim order of the government. The state government has interfered in the verdict of HC and used pressure tactics. That is why the verdict is given against wearing Hijab.”

“Dr B R Ambedkar formed our constitution. If he was alive today, he would have shed tears. He would have cried at the present situation of the constitution. Discussions are on with regard to our next move. We are having consultations with our lawyers. We have not taken any decision as of now. We are very much hurt by the verdict of HC. said Almas, one more protesting student.

“We will take the fight further for our right to wear Hijab. We will fight for our constitutional right. We will follow our Holy Quran. There is no need for us to follow the orders of the government. We should be allowed to write examinations wearing Hijab. For the past two months we have been preparing for examinations from home itself.” the protesters said.



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