Wedlock a article by Astrologer Prime Tantric Shri Giridhara Bhat

8:00 AM, Saturday, April 4th, 2020

AshwattaIt is ready to happen at what time of the cycle. But if your discouragement and ways are not right, you can’t get there soon enough.

Marriage at the birth of a man is a much-needed and admirable thing. But in the jubilee of modern life, marriage is what some people run away from. Then come to marry.

When there are problems in the horoscope, there may be problems with marriage, vision, error, people, and your work, charisma and attraction. This will cause your marriage problem.

The solution path
Correct the serpentine flaws in the horoscope.
Circling the Horse Tree nine times on Saturday.
Feed the cow.

By Giridhara Bhatt
Your problems, such as employment, business, finances, health, love affairs, marriage, marriage, offspring and so on, have a lasting solution.
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