White python found near Kuppepadavu

7:01 PM, Thursday, February 25th, 2016

White pythonMangaluru : A white python has been found near Mangaluru. Experts of Pilikula Biological Park who rescued it from Kuppepadavu, near Yedapadavu, in Mangaluru taluk, on February 18 have kept it under quarantine.

Quarantine was required to observe whether it had any disease and also to help it adjust to the captive environment in the park.

According to H. Jayaprakash Bhandary, director of the park, some people from Kuppepadavu spotted it in the forest area on that day. They informed the park and the reptile was brought here at noon. The six-ft python is healthy. It could be aged two. Pythons live up to 25.

Referring to its colour, Mr. Bhandary said that it is a condition called “leucism” (loss of normal body colour). “The white colour may be due to a genetic disorder,” he added.

Sreepada K.S., Professor, Department of Applied Zoology, Mangalore University, said that there was no earlier record of a white python with “leucism” being found in the Western Ghats region. Pythons showing “leucism” is very rare. “It is very interesting to study its details under captive condition,” he said.

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