Woman drowns in Souparnika river at Kollur

9:48 PM, Sunday, September 11th, 2022

Souparnika river

Kundapur : A 42-year-old woman was washed away in Souparnika river when she jumped to save drowning husband and son in Kollur on Saturday, September 10.

The deceased has been identified as Chandi Shekaran, who had come to the Kollur Temple along with 14 members of family from Tirivananthapura, Kerala.

Sources said, the woman along with her husband Murugan and son Aadityan went to take bath in Souparnika river on Saturday evening. While bathing, the husband lost balance and the son who jumped to save him also lost balance in the river. Panicking over the situation, Chandi Shekaran too jumped into the river. Locals somehow pulled Murugan and Aadityan from the river. But the woman has been washed away in the river.

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