Woman forces friend to sleep with husband to watch live sex, arrested

11:38 AM, Monday, August 18th, 2014

live-sexBangalore: Ever heard of an incident where a woman has forced a friend to have sex with her husband that too in front of herself? Well, one such bizarre case in Bangalore has come to the light.

The woman became close friend with the victim and both were frequent to each others houses. The police, who have now arrested the couple, said that she last month had forced her friend to have sex with her husband in her presence.

She also allegedly threatened her friend that upon refusing to do so her husband would be killed.

The friend was then again on August 10 forced by the woman to repeat the act with her husband, the police said.

Victim and her husband then approached the police.

It is being reported that the woman finds pleasure in watching other people making love in front of her.

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